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Black Spasms II will be released as a revised and expanded version of the original book. Leslie Browder has been writing tirelessly throughout the turmoil and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resurgence of the social justice outcry for Black lives. This book brings to light not only the truth and dissection of the current landscape, but also the path to true solutions. This literary offering is a call to arms as intellectual warriors focused on daily development and actionable healing efforts in and around the Black community.


We know we matter.

You may not agree.

We know what we need to do.

It's time to change the conversation.

In Black Spasms (2014), Leslie Browder explains the authenticity and complexity of living the Black experience. He provides insight into the injustices that our pioneers suffered because of the complexion of their skin, as well as a few of his own. 

Black Spasms was written to identify, reflect and explore the truths surrounding the creative obstacles that challenged the lives of Black people from enslavement until the present. 

The work of Dr. Amos Wilson, Steve Cokley and Malcolm X., for example, has been utilized to lend conviction to the research surrounding the plight, dismantling and strength of Black people, as well as, how to develop a plan of action that will empower Black people to transcend the mediocre mindset and actions of others as well as themselves.

Black Spasms is definitely not to be taken without due consideration because it demands your time, attention and sincerity if you are passionate about re-organizing your consciousness.

Reader Reviews

Black Spasms (2014)

Growing up as a privileged white woman in the Midwest, I was shielded from and vastly unaware of the majority of systemic racism in this country. I knew blatant racist people existed, I was maybe aware of some of the disparities within the criminal justice system and relationships with police, but it was not until I read this book that I began to understand just how different my life experiences were from the experiences of Black people around me. Black Spasms helped me start to see the micro aggressions that many People of Color, but especially Black people, experience every day, and how those add up over time to affect their mental and physical health. I am so thankful I had this book to share personal stories of dealing with everyday racism so I did not ignorantly ask my Black friends to recount their trauma to me in order that I might have a better understanding. I have done much reading since, and the more I learn about systemic injustice imbedded into every corner of our society, the more I think back on this book and the more it makes sense. Especially now as I study to become a doula in the birth work world, I see the maternal and perinatal death rate disparities, and birth trauma experiences and I think back to what I learned from Black Spasms which explains a little bit of why this continues to happen. I am so thankful to Ivy for introducing my family to this knowledge through the book and now teaching further audiences with the website. I still have much to learn but Black Spasms was a beautiful beginning. Many thanks to everyone who bravely shares their story.


—  Melody M., Wife, Mother, Ally