The process of Eradicating Black Spasms is not to be taken without due consideration because it demands our time, attention and resources in the process of changing the trajectory of how we are viewed as a people.

Eradicating Black Spasms is dedicated to changing the mindset that has plagued Black people as a result of Black Spasms.


We are focused on establishing a stronger connection in the Black family, building networks to enhance economic development, and bridging the educational gap between Black students and those of other ethnic groups.


We understand the challenges that have plagued Black people for years. Our approach began with bringing attention to the pain and discomfort experienced through our first book, Black Spasms in 2014. Once we established that, we turned our focus towards empowering our people to better deal with Black Spasms and we called attention to those who would attempt to inflict more pain in the process.


With an amazing grassroots campaign and launch of our new online platform, we are on track to provide the tools and information necessary to work on leveling the playing field so we may become the recipients of the same rights afforded other races.

Donations to Eradicate Black Spasms will go directly to provide support, services and resources to the Black community. 

Of all our studies, history is best qualified to reward our research. And when you see that you've got problems, all you have to do is examine the historic method used all over the world by others who have problems similar to yours. And once you see how they got theirs straight, then you know how you can get yours straight.

- Malcolm X

Our Free Service Donations

academic tutoring (ages 6-17)

The Conscious Kids Connection

reading & math

social justice & equity education

Institute of Understanding

30-min business consultation

Vineyard Collective

business start-up or revamp

web development

non-profit set-up

genealogy research

IMaGine Creative

online account & tree access

4 generation research & documents

life coaching

Les Browder Coaching

An open and honest platform for Black voices, stories and resources presented without the agenda-driven focus of today’s social and media outlets.

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Black Spasms:

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Proceeds from all Black Spasms product sales and donations are utilized to fund Eradicate Black Spasms community services.