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| blak | | ˈspazəms |


The pain and discomfort associated with being Black in America.

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We are not asking you to qualify us. 

We have qualified ourselves. 

Help Us Eradicate Black Spasms.

Listen. Heal. Educate. Provide. Enhance.

Orange Black and Green Celebrate Freedom

We come from a place where we all have them; a place that informs us of the pain of being Black and it’s called Black Spasms. These spasms are the involuntary contractions brought on by simply being Black in a world that mythologizes our culture with fallacies and reduce us to caricatures. The originators and instigators of the pain— the spasms— we feel do not acknowledge the deformity they’ve caused in the black body. So we twitch and writhe in phantom pains as the “other” world refuses to claim paternity of the mangled black bodies they have birthed.

We have our terms that remind us of the self-consciousness we must have about our hue, whether it be Driving While Black (DWB), Walking While Black (WWB), Breathing While Black (BWB), and even say Jogging While Black (JWB). 

And as a result of this consciousness in a world that seeks to make us self-conscious through institutionalized racism in word and deed, we SWB, Spasms While Black.